Things Craters (may) Say or Think!

Hello Beautiful People,

It's been a long time but I had to come back and stir the pot. While sitting in my tub, I came up with this skit; at least I thought I was the original creator but there are several variations on YouTube. 

I browsed "The Tube" but nothing really tickled my fancy--in other words it--their renditions were missing something. Hence, my version, "Things Crafters (may) Say or Think. Granted I'm guilty of thinking some of these scenarios. Additionally, some of my "nameless" crafting sisters have inspired this video. <---I'll call them later and give them thanks! 

Here are a few things crafters may say or think:

  1. She must be a new to scrapbooking because she doesn't know Tim Holtz
  2. I have 36 distress pads but I need more.... (GUILTY)
  3. You know you've made it when your name appears on ScrapSmack!
  4. Nasty Fingernails: dirty, chipped, tinted, etc. 
  5. Massive hauls: What the hell are they going to do with 28 of the same paper pad! (GUILTY of THOUGHTS) 
  6. Where will she find the time to use all of that crap?

Reasons why you can't watch a particular YouTube crafter.

  • snobby
  • the crafter didn't respond to your questions
  • constantly scraplifting without giving credit
  • nasty attitude
  • always complaining
  • too many haul videos
  • Pretty
  • Ugly
  • WTH--I don't know....they may not like the crafters voice.

   7. Reading is Fundamental ---> Thanks Rashidah (mmdo112800) <----This is her pet peeve 
   8. Inspired to spend from Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube--Anything or Anyone can spawn a   spending frenzy in the craft community. 


Project Life Week 1-3

Whew!! Where has the time gone?  I'm  caught up with project life and it feels good!  In this album, I decided to use my own paper stash and the clementine kit by Becky Higgins. So far I am enjoying this process,  and I would encourage everyone to hop on the "bus"! Project life has given me an opportunity to preserve my families memory in a simple way. I am able to capture my family on film and document the who, what, when and where?! These are the basic questions anyone asks when they flip through old family albums. In the future, my family will be able to read the who, what, when and where.

Products used ||
Kerri Bradford cuts ||


Tea Time Wednesday and Recap Project Life Intro

Hello CoCo Peeps!!

It's "HUMP DAY"!! Oh, Yes! On this episode of Tea Time Wednesday,  I featured a tea from The Tea Nation . I found the Orange Spice Tea at HomeGoods. Homegoods carries a variety of products but they have an amazing (small) section of teas.  The orange spice flavor is pretty tasty and subtle. The tea gives you everything you need in one little bag! I paired the tea with some Turbinado sugar and I was impressed with the clean taste it leaves on the pallet.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


In this video, I also shared my project life intro page. If you are interested; please click the link.  --> Project Life Intro Page



Scrapbook Rewind circa 2007

Hello CoCo Peeps,

Below you will find a video of an album I created of my 1st year with the "M & M's"! 




Project Life | Intro Page

Hey CoCo Peeps,

It's Friday and I finally got around to creating or shall I say putting together my intro page for Project Life. I'm really excited about this new adventure into "organized crafting." Many people wouldn't consider art organized but in order for this particular project to work for me -- it MUST be organized!

While researching free project life printables, I discovered a fellow project lifer erraticprojectjunkie and she has an awesome FREE printable that will help whip me into shape. (That's another blog)  She has several variations of the PL layouts and a journal sheet to jot down your memories.

In the meantime, here is my intro page.

The chevron circle is from Studio Calico
I used my silhouette cameo to cut the sentiment.
"What Means The Most" 
The calendar is from Splendidmissm

This is a free printable from Splendidmissm

Thanks for stopping by!! 


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